FofZ is a Java based application which allows functions on the complex plane to be visualised in both 2D and 3D. It supports various edittable domains, animation and can produce 3D output using either it's own engine or JOGL. Currently supported 3D views are the Riemann Sphere, modulus, argument, XYU and XYV. All 3D views are rotatable with simple mouse control.
11/05/06: FofZ was released today. This is small bug fix for those with a non-US locale as their default language. There's a new source tarball and the webstart on this site has been updated but the CVS is still lagging behind, as I'm having problems with it at the moment. Anyways, hopefully everyone can now enjoy FofZ. Don't forget that there's a complete rewrite coming up soon which will add a lot of new features. Watch this space.
10/03/06: Not been any updates lately. FofZ has a great deal of features and works pretty well but there are a few places that it doesn't perform as it should. As it stands I'm thinking of starting again from the ground up and am currently designing the new code structure and deciding how to translate various mathematical ideas into something computers understand. Look forward to a new and better FofZ in the future.
11/11/05: Website beginning to take shape.
09/11/05: Initial commit of FofZ to sourceforge :-). Although this is the first commit FofZ is already quite usable and reasonably stable. I have been developing it for sometime now in between studying theoretical physics at Leeds University, UK.
More screenshots are available on the screenshot page but here's on to get you started:

FofZ showing a 3D XYU view of the mapping f(z)=z^3.